SG Home, LED desk lamp 720p with CLOUD access


Surveillance and High Security

SG Home, LED desk lamp 720p with CLOUD access

SG Home, LED desk lamp 720p with CLOUD access


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$ 699.95 CAD

720p camera embedded in a desk lamp. This is the perfect recipe to monitor either your home or office. The memory is built-in and accessible through cloud services*. 

The SG Home App also allows the user to:

  • Set time and date
  • Get live footage
  • Zoom up to 4x the size of the image
  • Download your recordings
  • And more...

Where cloud recordings shine is the files are stored off site and can be remote accessed. Every files will have a length of 30 seconds for better and faster saving and downloads. There is no need for local DVR with remote style desktop access. The files are easy to move and store on devices if needed. The clips can be quickly selected and viewed. With live streaming you get a constant live action. 

SG Home Hidden Cameras record video to the cloud every time motion is detected. You choose the amount of data stored in the cloud when you choose your subscription plan. The oldest video recordings are replaced when you plan quota is reached or after 7 days of video recording. The SG Home APP allows you to save and download video recordings to a local device so important video evidence is never lost.

All accounts with LIVE STREAMING only are eligible for a ONE month FREE TRIAL of Cloud Recording. The Free Trial is our basic 500 recordings/month plan, clicking on the Select Plan button will begin your free month of cloud recording, after your free month the Free Month Plan automatically is converted to a subscription for our
MONTH‐TO‐MONTH recurring 500 recordings and your credit card on file will be billed recurring every month until you cancel the subscription. You may cancel the subscription to the Free Trial or MONTH‐TO‐MONTH plan at any time by logging in to your account, the subscription will then automatically cancel on the next billing date.

Note: The Free Trial is only available to new cloud accounts that have previously not had a cloud recording subscription.


Subscription Plans :

  Month To Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
500 $12.99 per month $11.99 per month $12.99 per month $12.99 per month
1000 $24.99 per month $22.99 per month $12.99 per month $12.99 per month
5000 $34.99 per month $32.99 per month $12.99 per month $12.99 per month
  Billed monthly Billed every 3 month Billed every 6 month Billed yearly


 Selecting the right plan :

 500 Video recordings: Perfect for a single camera in low traffic residential setting.

1000 Video recordings: Perfect for 1 to 2 cameras in a moderate traffic residential or business setting.

5000 Video recordings: Perfect for 3 to 4 cameras in a high traffic workplace environment.





 P.S.: This product is available as sepcial order only, this may affect the delivery delay. Please contact us for more details.

General Specifications
Time Stamp Time Setting Via the Internet
Power Power DC 5/12 Volts using only provided AC adaptor
Field of view 125°
Motion Detection Triggered by Heat detection
Video resolution 1280x720
Video Compression H.264
Operating Temperature/ Humidity -5 Deg C / 70 Deg. C
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