Zone Shield, 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector hidden camera


Surveillance and High Security
We are sorry, this product has been discontinued or replace for a newer model.

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Zone Shield, 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector hidden camera (Discontinued)

Zone Shield, 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector hidden camera


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$ 749.95 CAD

4K resolution is required to get the best pictures as possible. Ideal to make sure to get a crystal clear image of a thief or to recognize someone easily. The Smoke detector is a perfect fit where any other hidden cameras cannot be added.

When the time comes to identify a thief nothing is more important than the resolution and the quality of your recordings. This newest version of the Smoke detector* offers an impressive 4K resolution with high quality audio. The idea of having a higher resolution is to allow you to enlarge a picture and still get details.

This device is really easy to install, just as a real smoke detector. You only have to get the memory card out of it and connect it to your computer in order to see what happened.

This Smoke detector accepts micro SD** card up to 128Gb of capacity and has the time & date stamp onto the videos so you can retrieve the recorded activities quickly. 

People usually use this kind of hidden camera to monitor a specific area, for example; the cash register, an entrence or a hallway.


*Non-functional smoke detector

**Memory card sold separately

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