Zip Fire Starter


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Zip Fire Starter

Zip Fire Starter


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The Zip Fire Starter is practical, discrete and it allows you to start a fire whenever needed.

The Zip Fire Starter can be attached to your coat, backpack or jacket's zipper.

The Zip Fire Starter is discret and the fire starter is hidden inside the zipper-pull. Note that it also functions very well as a zipper-pull and does not attract attention. The zipper-pull has a slide out compartment in which the 2" ferrocerium rod and the razor blade striker are located. 

This zipper-pull is composed of an all-black matte exterior and a Kevlar cord. Its cover is UV-resistant.

The zipper-pull is 2.75" without the cord and the compartment's dimensions are of 2" x .35" x .35". It weighs around 0.5 oz.

Physical Specifications
Dimensions Overall length (without cord): 2.75" Container size: 2" x .35" x .35".
Weight 0.5 oz
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