Wireless GSM listening device


Surveillance and High Security
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Wireless GSM listening device (Discontinued)

Wireless GSM listening device


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$ 699.95 CAD

By using a SIM Card, this system allows you to listen while you dial a specific phone number (the one that was in use on the cell phone).

No more worries when your kids are home alone ! You can listen to where it has been placed from anywhere at anytime.


Listening GSM device
External sensitive microphone
Power Supply

WARNING: Transmitters are not to be used for surreptitious interception of communications contrary to law. Operation of transmitters may not be allowed by D.O.C. /F.C.C. and Industry Canada regulations. Please check and obey all laws which may apply to you.
Transmitters are only sold for use in a legal manner. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and obey all laws which may apply to possession and/or use of these products. 

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