Wired Microphone detector


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Wired Microphone detector

Wired Microphone detector


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The wired microphone detector is a portable acoustically stimulated microphone detection system.

This system operates by detecting the audio signal radiated by a microphone. The audio signal from a microphone is subjected to high amplification with elaborate digital filtering to remove extraneous noise.

Covert Mode (Passive):

In this mode the operator uses the filter and headset units to listen for room noises as detected by the eavesdropping microphone. A properly conducted covert search can be carried out in an environment with staff present and will not alert the listening post.

Overt Mode (Active): In this mode the power amplifier is added to the system. If the probe detects a microphone the system goes into acoustic feedback and a characteristic howl is produced.

The product can detect the following types of espionage


- Amplified wired microphone system where the target site is wired directly to a listening post
- Audio attack on telephone instruments
- Audio presence on cables


- Radio microphones - audio component
- Tape recorder attack
- Video camera surveillance
- General purpose amplification, especially on very weak and noisy signals
- Cable tracing


- Probe and Antenna
- Belt-worn filter
- Headset
- Power amplifier
- Sound Source
- Transit case

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