Ultra Sensitive Wall Eavesdropping Microphone


Surveillance and High Security

Ultra Sensitive Wall Eavesdropping Microphone

Ultra Sensitive Wall Eavesdropping Microphone


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Ultra sensitive wall microphone for eavesdropping, with built-in amplifier circuit.

1. Highly sensitive heavy brass metal microphone.

2. Sound Filter -4 different band selectable- equipped.

3. Limiter - protect your ear from sudden big sound - equipped.

You can select the band using this sound filter selector.

Output Normal 25mA, Max 60mA
Sound Limiter Automatically cut sudden big noise. Normal sound level recovers after a couple of seconds.
General Specifications
Accessories Contact MIC guard plate, MIC extension cord, Contact MIC adhesive tape, Stereo Earphones.
Input & Output MIC input Ø3.5mm monaural mini jack / Earphone output Ø3.5mm stereo mini jack / Record output Ø3.5mm monaural mini jack.
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 64 x 22 x 98mm / Microphone Ø36 x 30mm, Cord 1m
Battery Lifetime Approx. 50h
Power 9V (6F22 / 6LR61) battery x 1
Remote Control
Features Sound filter, sound limiter
Audio "0" = Through, "1" = Boost low band and decrease high noise, "2" = Boost high band decrease low noise, "3" = Boost targeted human voice.
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