Spy software for BlackBerry


Surveillance and High Security
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Spy software for BlackBerry (Discontinued)

Spy software for BlackBerry


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The Spy software for BlackBerry allows you to have detailed reports on the activities that are done on a blackberry phone.

The eBlaster software for BlackBerry allows you to have detailed reports of text messages, PIN and incoming and outgoing emails. A voice call log of incoming and outgoing calls and you can find out where the cell is by using GPS location. In addition, you will be able to see the pictures that are taken by the cell even if they are deleted afterwards. The eBlaster software will send you an e-mail report to the frequency that you want.

Text messages:
- Get an exact transcription of all the SMS and PIN that are typed on both side of the conversation. You'll also get all the multimedia messages sent with pictures, videos and music files.

- Get a capture of all the chats using apps such as Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger.

- Find out where the phone is by using GPS or cell site location of the phone.

Voice call log:
- Get a record of all incoming and outgoing calls, call duration and identification of contacts.

Disclaimer : Softwares are not to be used for surreptitious interception of communications contrary to law. Operation of softwares may not be allowed by D.O.C. /F.C.C. and Industry Canada regulations. Please check and obey all laws which may apply to you.

The software must only be used to monitor cellphone when the owner/user has given permission for you to do so. If the software is installed on a cellphone whose owner/user has not given permission, then you could liable for legal action.

Softwares are only sold for use in a legal manner. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and obey all laws which may apply to possession and/or use of these products. Section 191 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

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