SIM Card Recovery Software


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SIM Card Recovery Software (Discontinued)

SIM Card Recovery Software


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SIM Card Seizure is a SIM Card data recovery software

SIM Card Seizure can acquire the following data

- Phase ID
- Service table
- Serial Number
- Preferred languages variable
- Service Provider name
- Subscriber phone number
- Short Dial Number
- Fixed Numbers
- Last Dialed numbers
- Dialing Extension
- Dialing Extension
- Groups
- Groups
- Text Messages
- Text Message parameters
- Text message status
- Preferred network messages
- Charges per unit
- Charge counter
- Charge limit
- search period
- selector
- Forbidden PLMNs
- Capability configuration parameter
- Access control class
- Location information
- Broadcast control channels
- Ciphering key

SIM Card Seizure also acquires the whole catalog system with data in a tree-view presentation. Additionally, it can recover some deleted SMS data by analysis of unallocated space.

*** Please Note: SIM Card Seizure is able to recover deleted SMS data associated with transmission of text data on a GSM network. However, some cell/mobile phones store SMS on the actual device rather than the SIM card. If that is the case, the recovery of this data will not be possible using SIM Card Seizure. As with any deleted data, recovery depends on whether or not the information has been overwritten with new information. Because of these factors, Spytronic holds no responsibility for the recovery of deleted data. Use of either of the two programs (Irecovery, Phone Recovery) for the recovery of deleted data is at the user's choice and risk.

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