Surveillance and High Security

Security and Privacy


Spytronic Security Inc uses only approved, certified and reputed technologies regarding Web transactions and personal information.

Transactions are performed through PayPal and the secure connection verified by VeriSign.

Therefore, you can purchase online in total security and confidence.


Spytronic Security Inc. wants to demonstrate its engagement towards it clientele related to the practices in relation with privacy. These policies do apply to every customer of Spytronic Security Inc. providing personal information to the business.


Personal information is information that may contribute to identify a person. Aggregated or information that has been rendered anonymous is not considered personal information.


Spytronic Security Inc. does only collect personal information amongst its clientele or persons allowed to divulgate personal information on your behalf to Spytronic Security Inc. Here are a few examples of when Spytronic Security Inc. may collect some personal information:

  • When you fill in a transaction through our Website
  • When you communicate with us regarding a warranty
  • When you communicate with us to obtain technical support regarding our products and services
  • When you fill in promotions related to our products and services
  • When you fill in a form related to a contest
  • When you open an account within our business
  • When you download a users manual or a guide concerning the use of some of our products
  • When you communicate on our Internet Forums
  • When you communicate with us for general purposes over the phone, by emails through our Web page Contact us , mail services or any other method

Spytronic Security Inc may also collect personal information from a third party allowed to act on behalf of your person or entity. For example it may be distributors or commercial partners.


Spytronic Security Inc. does only collect personal information relevant to our business and relationship with you. They may include the name of your business, your personal name, your postal address, your electronic address, your telephone numbers, information pertaining to previous and actual purchases and warranties, your credit card number, your communications with us or complaints related to our products and services, files with preferences concerning promotional issues and information pertaining to participation in our contests, your IP address and your navigation habits on our Web sites.

Nevertheless, please note that the disclosure of your personal information is limited to Spytronic Security Inc business objectives for the reasons mention herein and are also intended to improve the services offered by Spytronic Security Inc towards its clientele. Spytronic Security Inc. will not communicate or sell any of your private information to a third party and we tend to ensure you the privacy of your confidential information.


Spytronic Security Inc. does only collect personal information in connection with your relationship with our business. Spytronic Security Inc. may use the information for the following purposes:

  1. When administering a transaction between Spytronic Security Inc. and you concerning an offer related to products and/or services, a quote or whenever you process with request for some information pertaining to the process of purchasing some products and/or services with us.
  2. When verifying your identity in accordance with our policies established within the industry pertaining to any purchase, warranty claims, requests or any other interaction with Spytronic Security Inc. and you. During this procedure, it may be necessary to ask for additional information on one of out Web sites. They may include your telephone number and address and any other relevant information to verify and validate payments with credit cards.
  3. When dressing a profile regarding your habits pertaining to your purchases or navigation prior to offer you promotions related to your profile.
  4. When the participation to a service, a promotional offer or any other issue requesting the communication of personal information.

It may be possible that Spytronic Security Inc. uses personal information to communicate with you if Spytronic Security Inc. considers that an offer may interest you or to ask for your opinion concerning a product/service offered by Spytronic Security Inc. to its clientele and/or to ensure and add value the quality of the services/products offered to its clientele. If you are not interested, Spytronic Security Inc. will not communicate with you.


Spytronic Security Inc. will only collect, disclose or use your personal information once your consent obtained. If you are not mature within your province, state or department, a permission from a parent or tutor will be necessary prior to communicate any confidential information with us. Consent may be implied or expressed according to the circumstances and the importance of the personal information. When you disclose personal information or engage in a transaction and/or interaction with Spytronic Security Inc. you do consent to our collection and use of this personal information in accordance to the following privacy policy.


Spytronic Security Inc does not sell or rent any of your personal information to a third party, an external marketing agency or companies involved within information collection or any other entity. Spytronic Security Inc. will only share the personal information internally and with its partners prior to acquit its obligations towards you. The partners of Spytronic Security Inc. may offer specialized services to the company like archiving of information, purchase process and treatment, perception and collection of overdue accounts and voluntary marketing support. We require from our partners to protect the confidentiality of the information and only the information required to perform the services is given. The use of personal information is limited to the present policy in accordance with the following privacy policies and to the use of information to the provided service.

Spytronic Security Inc. could be obliged to disclose personal information for juridical purposes or following a subpoena. Spytronic Security Inc. may also disclose personal information in order to protect its rights and properties in the case of an investigation a fraud or any misconduct.

In the case of a partial or complete acquisition of Spytronic Security Inc. by a third party, personal information may be one of the transferred assets.

However, no personal information regarding demographics or sensitive information allowing identifying a person will be shared with any external company or agency collecting information for commercial purposes. Spytronic Security Inc. tends to protect the rights and privacy of their customers due to the sensitive nature of the products and services offered by Spytronic Security Inc.


In order to protect the privacy and security of your personal information, Spytronic Security Inc. has implemented physical, electronic and administrative controls to secure the access to the assets. These measures are proportional to the importance of the information to protect. The Web sites of Spytronic Security Inc. use encryption and verification to protect the sensitive nature of the personal information transmitted over the Internet. VeriSign confirms that TLS communications originates from the mentioned domain name and confirms that the information is not altered or modified by a third party. Moreover, firewalls are present at every entry/exit point of the networks communicating with Spytronic Security Inc. and with the data centers. Also, physical controls with surveillance technologies have been implemented at locations where the sensitive information is stored. To confirm the presence of the security measures in place whilst transmitting data through your browser you may observe the following facts:

  • A URL beginning with 'https://' rather than 'http://'
  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer ® or Mozilla Firefox ®, a closed lock icon at the bottom of the browser window.


The personal information may be stored and archived on servers exploited and being the property of Spytronic Security Inc. and its affiliates. They are generally conserved within Canada. As mentioned previously, they are protected by physical and surveillance devices to control and restrain the access for undesired entities in order to ensure the confidentiality.


Personal information provided to Spytronic Security Inc. is stored, archived and maintained as long as prudent business practices dictate for commercials purposes to honor a warranty for example.


If you do have questions and concerns pertaining to the personal information collected by Spytronic Security Inc. or related to the practices and measures implemented, you may send us an email through our Web page Contact us for more information.


Spytronic Security Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify or complete the present privacy policy at any time. However, please not that Spytronic Security Inc. will not sell or disclose your personal information to any third party.


Any external Web site (others than the ones possessed or operated by Spytronic Security Inc.) to which we do provide external links is subject to its own practices and policies regarding privacy, security and confidentiality. Spytronic Security Inc. is not responsible for their practices and it is yours to review their policies and practices.