360° Ultrasound Speech Protector


Surveillance and High Security

360° Ultrasound Speech Protector


Ultrasonic Noise Generator
The UNG360 Speech Protector
Audio Microphone Jammer

It provides two funtions to protect your voice conversations.

      - Utrasonic noise generator that is inaudible for humans but scrambles most microphones and recoding


      - Acoustic noise generator specially designed to blend your voice and prevent recordings to be cleaned by

        audio software.

During an important business meeting we must ensure the confidentiality of our oral communications. A voice recording may be used as a blackmailing tool and can even destroy a reputation. Our system enables you to have a highly protected conversation with your interlocutors without revealing that it is active.

User Reviews
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Effective speach protection Review by Daniel
Authorising one of these devices in one of our boardrooms was not easy, but having been in store to test it out, we were satisfied with the performance. If you're young and really paying attention, you might deduce a sound, but you really have to try and "listen". (Posted on 2016-03-19)