Professional through-the-wall surveillance kit


Surveillance and High Security

Professional through-the-wall surveillance kit

Professional through-the-wall surveillance kit


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Professional surveillance kit wired through the wall. It is reliable to get to know the exact position of your target.

You don't need to know the type of wall in advance. If your target is the other side of a solid or cavity wall even in poor surveillance conditions, you can determine the surveillance target's position. Listen locally or remotely, via a transmitter, after a rapid and easy set up for temporary surveillance.

Instantly understandable audio

The optical accelerometer and control unit, with 3 levels of DSP noise elimination to enhance the intelligible voice signals, and with adjustable microphone sensitivity levels, give the operator instant stereo imaging over 12 metres apart - an accurate picture of what is happening on the other side of the wall. With DSP extraneous and deliberate noise is eliminated.

Overcoming surveillance problems in poor conditions

It is also equipped with a solid rod for the microphone which uses the wall as a sound receptor and does not need to go totally through the wall. The equipment is designed for use in most conditions including under water. The microphone gives excellent audio quality.

Output Impedance 8 ohms
Headphones Stereo
Microphone 2 optical contact accelerometers and mounting accessories, 2 Rod sensors and mounting accessories
Broadband microwave probe
Frequency Response 30 Hz - 8 kHz
General Specifications
Control Power on/off, left and right volume level,
Physical Specifications
Case Lightweight carrying case
Connectors - Input Accelerometers / Rod sensors - left and right
Dimensions Control unit 153 x 102 x 44 mm
Indicators LED green power on, red low battery
Power supply Internal: PP3 battery (9V) or External:9V to 12V DC
Connectors - Output Headphones 3.5 mm jack stereo, recording 3.5 mm jack stereo, speaker
Cables 2 x 10 metres and recording lead
DSP Noise Elimination 4 levels >20dB per channel
Output Power 1 watt
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