The Utimate Covert Surveillance Breifcase


Surveillance and High Security

The Utimate Covert Surveillance Breifcase

The Utimate Covert Surveillance Breifcase


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$ 4,799.95 CAD

The utimate breifcase is designed for professional investigators! It's packed of advanced surveillance equipment in a compact and custom breifcase. It holds more situation-specific devices than the Compact Edition.

List of devices:


1x Hidden recording camera 1080P (Cellphone)

1x Colour hidden camera and audio (Glasses)

2x Low light 1080p, Pinhole camera (button/screw)

2x Hidden black and white camera (button/screw)

1x Hidden camera, audio-video (earphones)

1x Super wide angle color mini camera

1x PV-RC200HDW Wi-Fi Camera and DVR in Car Remote


1x Touch Screen Portable DVR FHD

1x Portable HD recorder, 3 inches touch screen

2x Tiny portable video recorder


2x 8Gb micro sd card with adapter

2x 32Gb micro sd card with adapter

1x 4Gb USB key (with documentation)



1x BA2200 (Standard battery for the PV-500EVO2u; 3h) 

2x BA900 (Standard battery for the PV900FHD; 2h)

BA4400 (Extended battery for the PV-500EVO2u;6h)

2x SPT-LAW-BA4400



1x Camera Support Vest

2x Charging cables for Lawmate

3x RCA cables

3x USB cables

1x SD card reader

1x USB car charger

2x spare button kits for buton camera. 

1x pair of remote controls for the pv500evo2u (one for the screan & one for recording)

1x remote control for the PV1000Touch5U


For Wifi devices, the function allows a LIVE remote access from a smartphone/tablet in a short distance (up to 15 meters – 50 feet from the device). The distance may vary depending on the environment. At the present time, this device does not allow LIVE access from the internet.


Comes with original boxes and accessories of each product.



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