LawMate Power Bank FHD 1080p Hidden Camera IP/Wifi


Surveillance and High Security

LawMate Power Bank FHD 1080p Hidden Camera IP/Wifi

LawMate Power Bank FHD 1080p Hidden Camera IP/Wifi


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$ 449.95 CAD

HD Wifi hidden recording camera in a real USB Power Bank, with long lasting battery, audio recording, motion detection and remote live view.

This Full HD camera with audio can be portable as you can bring it with you everywhere, and can also be a great standalone monitoring solution for long duration as the battery can last for more than 6 hours or as the camera can be connected to electricity for a 24/7 use.

The Wifi function allows the user to have a live feed from the camera on it's smartphone or tablet, either in a short range from the device (10 meters) or from anywhere, if the camera is connected to the high speed Internet Wifi network of the user. The user can even remotely change the settings of the camera, and download recorded videos onto it's smartphone, only in a short range from the camera (10 meters).

The Lawmate PV-PB20i camera is a real portable USB power bank allowing you to recharge your electronic devices such as your cellphone when you don't have access to an electrical socket. *Note that recharging your electronic devices will use the camera's battery.

-Motion detection or continous recording modes.

-Adjustable resolution: 1920x1080 / 1280x720 / 848x480

-Can record 2000 min. of 1080p resolution video on a 64Gb micro SD card., and even more if a lower resolution is selected.

-Date and hour stamps.

-Free PVCam Viewer application to download for Android or Iphone/Ipad.


-PV-PB20i Camera

-USB Transfer and Charging Wire

-16Gb Micro SD Card


*The Wifi function of this device allows a LIVE remote access from a smartphonetablet in a short distance (up to 15 meters - 50 feets from the camera). The distance may vary depending on the environment. -  For a live access from anywhere, the device needs to be connected to the high speed Internet local Wifi.

*The video downloading function onto a smartphone is only available in short distance.



Memory Card Up to 64Gb (16 Gb included)
Battery life in record mode 6.5 hours
Lens 2MP Pinhole
Minimum illumination 0.03 LUX @ F2.0
Video resolution 1080p/720p/WVGA @30fps
Viewing Angle 78°
Audio Yes
File Format MOV/JPEG
Camera Progressive CMOS image sensor 1/2.9 2000x1121
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