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Spytronic Security Inc. (hereinafter "Spytronic") offers sales and rentals on products and services in conformity with the legal dispositions in force in Canada. Spytronic redeems all responsibility regarding an improper and illegal use of the material sold or leased.


It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not Spytronic to determine the legality and conformity to all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, possession and use of the equipment that we offer.


Certain products are not available for general public. Restricted products and or equipment are clearly denoted. To order a restricted item, please provide a copy of your law enforcement ID with your written order, or submit your written order with a cover letter prepared from a departmental or governmental agency.


Some of the products sold by Spytronic may be restricted in your home country and could be subject to seizure by your customers. It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not Spytronic to determine any restrictions that may exist with the respect to the equipment that the BUYER intends to purchase. Legal responsibility and legal possession are transferred to the BUYER immediately upon shipping. Spytronic will not accept the return of a product which has been sent back to us by customs.


Prices are expressed in Canadian dollars. Taxes are not included within the prices. Any customer residing within Canada needs to pay the QST and GST. Companies are only required to pay GST.


You can settle your payment by credit card: Visa, Mastercard or PayPal, Wire Transfer (TT), GOV and enterprise approved Check. (Cash in store only)


Sales are final. Refunds are not accepted. Only an exchange can be done by presenting this invoice and returning the product in its original condition within a delay of ten (10) days following its purchase.


We do accept Net Terms for Governmental and Ministries order if a purchase order is provided.


Only some products are available for rental. The customer commits himself to rent the item for seven (7) days for a 25% amount of the item's total value and to leave a 75% deposit of the item's total value. Spytronic remits the deposit to the leaseholder if the rented item is returned within the seven (7) days. If the customer does not return the item within the specified delay, Spytronic will consider the sale as final without any further notice or delay and will keep the deposit. Delay may differ if any other modality is specified by Spytronic. The rented material shall be remitted in the same condition as when leased, in conformity of the inspection done at the time of the rental; if any damage should occur, Spytronic reserves the right to keep the total amount of the deposit paid by the customer.


Shipped in Expedited Mode within Canada (with Canada Post) for orders online (Internet) over 200.00$ CAD


Any order shipped outside of Canada may be subject to custom fees. It is solely the customer's responsibility to acquit the fees on reception.

For security proposes, any order placed with a credit card may be subject to a verification and a delay of 3 business days may be applicable if necessary before processing the order.


PayPal: sales [AROBAS] spytronic.com

By check:
Spytronic Security Inc.
10440 Hénault Ave.
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H1G 5R4


Any product returned requires Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). If you wish to return a product, please fill in the following form and we will provide you with RMA#.

Sales are final. We do not refund. If you are not satisfied with a product you have 10 days from the date of purchase (if bought at our location) or from the date of reception to ship an item (with a proof of shipping date). We will then provide you with a credit if the item was returned functional and in its initial state. You will have to assume the expedition fee.

If you receive an article which is not conform to your order, please contact us and we shall ship it at our own expense.


A fifty percent (50%) deposit is payable in advance for specific products and/or special orders. Some specific products may require a deposit to perform an order. Custom products do also require a deposit. They are non refundable and payable in advance. If an article is not claimed within 90 days, it automatically becomes the property of Spytronic. Same policy applies for credits.


Every product sold by Spytronic has a warranty of ninety (90) days if the product is not subject to accident, abuse, improper use or mishandling. If an installation has not been performed by a professional and was necessary, and if a product has been altered and/or modified, then Spytronic will not honor the warranty. Warranty is conditional to the respect of handling, stocking and usage instructions provided by Spytronic. Spytronic shall not be held responsible for any prejudice, physical and/or material and/or moral damage resulting from improper use, manipulation, stocking, maintenance or reckless installation and/or unsafe usage. Some products are only guaranteed by the manufacturer and in this case, shipping fees may be charged.