Pen HD hidden camera with audio


Surveillance and High Security

Pen HD hidden camera with audio

Pen HD hidden camera with audio


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$ 99.95 CAD

If the plan is to keep footage of something discreetly, here is the tool you need. The Pinhole camera installed into this pen is vistually unnoticeable.

This hidden camera records high quality videos and picks up voices as far as 4 meters away. Get the proof you need with this discreet and powerful hidden camera.

It keeps the footage onto a memory card* which you can retrieve by connecting your device to your computer with its included USB cable.

One of the smallest audio/video recorder-pens in the world with hidden camera inside, looks and writes like a normal pen.


*Memory card sold separately.

General Specifications
Battery time 1 hour
Video format .AVI
Field of view 90 degrees
Recording mode Continuous recording
Video resolution 720p
Audio Yes
Battery type Lithium rechargeable
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