Non Linear Junction Detector, 2.5Ghz


Surveillance and High Security
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Non Linear Junction Detector, 2.5Ghz (Discontinued)

Non Linear Junction Detector, 2.5Ghz


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Scans all available operating frequencies and measures the ambient RF signal levels. Optimal frequency automatically selected within 1 second.


- Detection of remote-controlled detonators
- High Risk Search Capabilities
- Protecting the railways from attack
- Detection of buried ammunition and arms caches
- Detection of surveillance devices
- Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
- Detection of Mobile Phones in Prisons
- Search operations in a conventional military context and in aid to the civil power

This NLJD 2.5Ghz comes with a return-to-base warranty against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from delivery.

Display Screen:

- Type : AMOLED
- Viewing angle : 180 Degrees
- Lifetime 55,000 Hours
- Screen information : Transmit power level, Auto or Manual operation, Circular graphical display for
Electronic (E) and Corrosive (C) signal levels

Five operational modes displayed:
- (1) Search 1 - Comparison of Electronic (E) and Corrosive (C) signal levels
- (2) Search 2 - Unprocessed Electronic (E) and Corrosive (C) signal levels
- (3) Listen ID - Transmitter FM modulation and Receiver FM demodulation selected
- (4) Listen FM - FM demodulation
- (5) Listen AM - AM demodulation

Touch screen Volume selection
- 10 levels and audio mute
Touch screen Frequency selection
- 10 frequencies displayed
Touch screen Power Off control
- slide tab to power OFF

Display handle:

5 way scroll wheel for Range level adjustment, Auto or Manual Range control and selection of operating modes (E) or (C)

Battery level status indicator:
3 levels and battery level warning screens at 9 minutes and 60 seconds operating time remaining

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones:
- Range Up to 8 metres
- Run time 8 Hours
- Control Volume up/down, on and off
- Frequency 2.400 GHz
- Charger voltage 100-240 VAC

Threat indicator located on Antenna Head

Test Target (Electronic)
Detection range Minimum of 1.0 metre – in Electronic mode and maximum power (In open space)

Test Target (Corrosive)
Detection range Minimum of 0.5 metres – in Corrosive mode and maximum power (In open space)

Frequency coverage 2.400-2.500GHz, 4.800-5.000 GHz and 7.200-7.500 GHz
Frequency range Electronic (2nd harmonic) : 4.820 to 4.970 GHz / Corrosiv (3rd harmonic) : 7.230 to 7.455 GHz
Housing Dimensions (mm) 55 x 33 x 20 cm
General Specifications
Gain Circular polarisation : Transmitter 8dBi / Receivers 6dBi
Humidity up to 95%
Modulation Selectable FM, 1KHz tone
Operating temperature -5oC to + 50oC
Storage Temperature -20oC to +60oC
Physical Specifications
Antenna size 100 x 8 x 5.5 cm (Extended) and Antenna head 16 cm diameter
Battery Display Full gauge to indicate battery capacity
Charger Display LEDs to indicate charge status
Sensitivity Electronic (2nd harmonic) / Corrosiv (3rd harmonic) : Detection at -133 dBm
Technical Specifications
Power Output Auto or manual range control, Adjustable from 2 mW to 2W/4W, ERP (0 dBm to 33/36 dBm ERP)
Signal CW (Continuous wave transmission)
Demodulation Electronic (2nd harmonic) / Corrosiv (3rd harmonic) : AM, FM and Tone (5Hz to 1 KHz)
Filters Electronic (2nd harmonic) / Corrosiv (3rd harmonic) : 10 Section filtering
Audio output Electronic (2nd harmonic) / Corrosiv (3rd harmonic) : 5 Selectable modes linked to internal speaker or headphones
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