Multi-storage bullet-proof jacket, level IIIA


Surveillance and High Security

Multi-storage bullet-proof jacket, level IIIA

Multi-storage bullet-proof jacket, level IIIA


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$ 1,949.95 CAD

Full enveloping protection in male and female designs dissimulated in a jacket.

The VIP-OPS-IIIA is the ultimate in concealability, functionality, and versatility, rivaled by no other product on the market.

Perfect for civilian contractors, executives, security professionals, government agents, and law enforcement personnel alike. The vest has 29 hidden pockets and compartments, patented Personal Area Network (PAN), a 2-way main zipper, magnetic pocket closures, microfleece chin guard, microfleece pocket lining and the ability to accommodate a Camelbak®. The exterior is an incredibly soft, comfortable cotton blend with just enough elasticity to make it feel like a second skin. The Coolmax® mesh interior adds to its breathability and comfort. It has a Teflon® treatment for both water and stain resistance.

Our vests are certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

Protections level IIIA*

Caliber: .357 (158g) Velocity (fps): 1,395-1,445
Caliber: 9mm (124g) Velocity (fps): 1,175-1,225
Caliber: .44 Mag (240g) Velocity (fps): 1,180-1,400

For more details on the protection levels,click on this link:

Options (available in special order):

- Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large
- Coulors: black and marine
- Protection levels available: Level II, level IIIA and stab/ballistic


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