Mini Camera Module for Z15, Z16 and ZIR32 Cameras


Surveillance and High Security

Mini Camera Module for Z15, Z16 and ZIR32 Cameras


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$ 49.95 CAD

Miniature HD wired camera for Z15, Z16 or ZIR32 camera. HD resolution of 720p.

For more discretion, this small wired camera can be connected to the Z15, Z16 or ZIR32 camera which will be used as a portable recorder. 

HD resolution of 720p.

Viewing angle: 62°

Lenght: 14 cm

When the mini camera module is connected, the default camera of the Z15, Z16 or ZIR32 won't be in use.

Installation is required. - User will need to open the Z15 or ZIR32 camera to connect the camera module. 

*When used with the ZIR32, the infrared light module of the ZIR32 must be visible and aiming in the same direction than the camera to be effective.

*Only compatible with the Z15, Z16 or ZIR32 camera - see suggested products below. 

Minimum illumination Street light
Resolution 1280 x 720
Viewing Angle 62 deg
Length 14 cm
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