Micro FM transmitter


Surveillance and High Security
We are sorry, this product has been discontinued or replace for a newer model.

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Micro FM transmitter (Discontinued)

Micro FM transmitter


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$ 89.95 CAD

The most sensitive, powerful, and versatile wireless microphone of its kind.

The FM audio bug transmitter could last up to 48 hours with good 9V battery.

It is also possible to connect it to a 9V battery pack, containing bigger batteries (6x C batteries), to obtain 2-3 weeks of battery.

It is also possible to connect it to electricity, using a 110V-9V adapter.

- High RF output
- Extreme audio sensitivity
- Very compact
- Receive on any standard FM radio

WARNING: Transmitters are not to be used for surreptitious interception of communications contrary to law. Operation of transmitters may not be allowed by D.O.C. /F.C.C. and Industry Canada regulations. Please check and obey all laws which may apply to you.
Transmitters are only sold for use in a legal manner. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and obey all laws which may apply to possession and/or use of these products. Section 191 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

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