MemoQ, Pen audio/video recorder MQ-3HD 720P with motion detection


Surveillance and High Security

MemoQ, Pen audio/video recorder MQ-3HD 720P with motion detection

MemoQ, Pen audio/video recorder MQ-3HD 720P with motion detection


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$ 199.95 CAD

Looking for a low-profile video recorder that you could carry anywhere, anytime and is easy to operate? The MQ-3HD is the one. Great to keep an eye on your office when your out for lunch!

The particuliarity of this product is its capability to record only when it counts. Indeed the motion detection function of this pen allows to record videos and pick up sound only at the moment someone passes in front of it. 


Spend less time scroling down tons of video files and more on actual action!


A USB cable comes with the device and is required to transfer your data onto your computer in order to manage them wether you want to keep them or not. The same USB cable will be used to charge its battery so you are ready for another round.

The battery life for this pens is about 1h30min, if you are looking for something with a larger battery life we would recommend you to look at devices such as Zetta cameras.

In another mindset, if you think that recording only the audio would be a better fit for your needs there is also a Pen design in our voice recorders category.


P.S.: Please note that the memory card is sold separately and a 16Gb SD Card can contains 6 to 7 hours of recording.

General Specifications
Accessories USB cable
Detection distance Unlimited
Time Stamp Yes
Video format Mp4
Memory Card Sold separately; Up tp 32Gb
Battery life in record mode 1 hour 30 minutes
Battery life in stand-by mode 2 hours
Charging time 2 hours
Video resolution HD 720p
Video recording Mode Continuous or Motion detection
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