Hidden Handcuff Key in Boot Lace


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Hidden Handcuff Key in Boot Lace

Hidden Handcuff Key in Boot Lace


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The Hidden Handcuff Key in Boot Lace was designed to be undetectable.

This discrete handcuff key is situated at the extremity of a boot lace. Its location makes it less obvious as it is not very proximate to the wrist. Even though it is not very close to the wrist, it can still be easily accessible when you are handcuffed behind your back. In fact, by bending your knee up sharply, the key will fall right into your hands.

This undercover handcuff key fits on all standard boot laces and a black cover made out of rubber is included in order to further hide the key. Please note that the laces are not included. This key has a lenght of 3/4" and a weight of 0.017 oz. 

This product is installed very easily with the use of a pair of pliers and the instruction booklet that comes with it. 

Physical Specifications
Dimensions lenght: 3/4"
Weight 0.017 oz
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