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KJB Security Products Canada

Spytronic is the distributor and dealer for KJB security products Canada. It is the creator of the line of products: SleuthGear, Zone Shield, Xtreme Life, Recluse
XtremeLife Rechargeable Battery - 90 days
XtremeLife Rechargeable Battery - 90 days

Runs on this rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.These 90 day rechargeable batteries can be charged through USB. Works with all XtremeLife products on our site

$ 89.95 CAD
KJB SC7008HD camera in air freshener 720p audio video
XtremeLife, Air Freshener 1080p hidden camera

The Xtreme Life camera hidden inside an Air Freshener is rechargeable and records Audio as well!

$ 749.95 CAD