Hidden camera, Colour HD audio video Iphone case


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We are sorry, this product has been discontinued or replace for a newer model.

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Hidden camera, Colour HD audio video Iphone case (Discontinued)

Lawmate PV-IP45 camera audio HD dans pochette a iphone

  • Lawmate PV-IP45 hidden audio camera iphone case
  • Lawmate PV-IP45 HD audio color hidden camera iphone case


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$ 299.95 CAD

This Iphone case (for 4 4s 5 5s iPhone) allows you to have within easy reach a discrete camera at all time. Easy to use, one button to activate functions

HD 720p video resolution
Viewing angle 67 degrees
Supports micro SD card up to 32Gb.
+ / - 2 hours recording on a single charge
Recording displays the time and date

Note: This device can not charge your iPhone

IPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
This product is not an accessory manufactured by Apple. Spytronic Security is not an affiliate of Apple.


Approximate capacity of the memory card according to selected resolution:

HD (720)         32Gb = 16hrs
                       16Gb = 8hrs
                       8Gb = 4hrs
                       4Gb  = 2hrs

WARNING: Transmitters are not to be used for surreptitious interception of communications contrary to law. Operation of transmitters may not be allowed by D.O.C. /F.C.C. and Industry Canada regulations. Please check and obey all laws which may apply to you. Transmitters are only sold for use in a legal manner. It is the user's responsibility to ascertain and obey all laws which may apply to possession and/or use of these products. Section 191 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

Video resolution 1280X960 30FPS
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