Gold Card 3 Month Service Plan for Blackline GPS


Surveillance and High Security

Gold Card 3 Month Service Plan for Blackline GPS

Gold Card 3 Month Service Plan for Blackline GPS


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$ 149.95 CAD

The Gold Card 3-Month Service Plan for Blackline GPS is for Javelin, Dart and Flat Track.


This Gold card offers 3 months of gold service for one of your Blackline GPS devices.

The Gold service includes the following:

  • Service in more than 80 countries (Mexico, Canada, United States...)

  • Track-on-Motion: 10 seconds tracking intervals

  • Stationary Monitoring: 15 minute background tracking Intervals

  • Alerts for entering or exiting certain zones

  • Alerts if device is removed (Javelin and Flat Track only)

  • Firmware updates done automatically

  • Security Zone Functionality

Important: Please note that this gold service card is only for Javelin, Dart or Flat Track devices. Furthermore, it is important to keep your GPS active with a time card at all times in order for it not to be deactivated permanently.

The purchase of Blackline time cards will be process during business hours.


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Optional :

Service renewal : 15.00$CAD

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