Executive bullet-proof vest, level II


Surveillance and High Security

Executive bullet-proof vest, level II

Executive bullet-proof vest, level II


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$ 999.95 CAD

Get a fully enveloping and discreet protection in male and female designs

Designed for business executives, politicians, and security personnel, our executive vest offers full front and back protection in a classic three-piece suit vest design. False button front, smart fabric, and pockets complete the look to provide maximum concealability.

Our vests are certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

Protections level II*

Caliber: .357 (158g) Velocity (fps): 1,395-1,445
Caliber: 9mm (124g) Velocity (fps): 1,175-1,225

For more details on the protection levels,click on this link:

Size: Custom *

*Price shown is for a regular vest size.

For large size person, contact us for pricing.

Options (available in special order):

- Coulors: black, grey and navy
- Protection levels available: Level II, level IIIa and stab/ballistic


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