DVD: Ultimate officer survival (English)


Surveillance and High Security
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DVD: Ultimate officer survival (English) (Discontinued)

DVD: Ultimate officer survival (English)


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This DVD is made for special training for law enforcement, police officers and security guards. Survival techniques.

This program teaches you how to significantly increase your odds for survival on a daily basis. All tactics demonstrated are field proven to be fast, effective and usable by officers in full uniform. You'll learn handgun retention techniques both in and out of your holster. Long gun retention techniques for AR-15s and shotguns. High speed handcuffing techniques and takedown techniques that enable you to subdue and control your opponent. Self defense requires speed, strength, stamina and skill. The only element that doesn't diminish with age is skill! This program shows you the defensive skills you need to win! Presented by Chuck Habermehl, firearms instructor, tactical trainer and SWAT Team Commander.

Close to 2 hours!

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