DVD: Ground combatives for police


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DVD: Ground combatives for police (Discontinued)

DVD: Ground combatives for police


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DVD for training specialized for police officers learning police-related defence techniques.

This program shows you everything you need to know to prevail once a fight goes to the ground. And, as you know, most fights end up on the ground. You'll learn how to apply arm bars, neck restraints, and head cranks as well as striking, blocking and grappling techniques. Learn how to use leverage, momentum and body mechanics to increase your power against bigger opponents and how to counter attack from every position. Plus, specific ground-based Law Enforcement weapon retention techniques. Finally, see how pain compliance and martial arts techniques don't work in the real world! Close to 2 hours presented by Chuck Habermehl...firearms instructor, tactical trainer and SWAT Team Commander. All of the techniques in this program are combat proven and usable by officers wearing full uniform and gear.

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