Digital voice recorder & portable charger


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Digital voice recorder & portable charger

Digital voice recorder & portable charger


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$ 229.95 CAD

This audio recorder can be use for 300 hours of continuous recording and uses a super voice activation system that allows it to extend the battery life, in stanby mode, up to 150 days.

The battery of that portable USB charger size voice recorder is powerfull enough to be left somewhere for months of recording. Of course, you can also use it to recharge your phone from a USB cable.

A magnet comes within the box to offer to the users a maximum of possibilities.

This magnet is not fixed to the recorder so you could choose to use it or not. Retrieving your proofs will be as easy as using a normal USB key; Simply connect the recorder, using its own USB cable, to your computer and it will be quickly recognized as a USB key.

No special software required; compatible with Mac IOS and Windows.

General Specifications
Audio format Mp3
Operating temperature 0° - 40° celcius
Memory Built-in 16 Gb
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 93 x 27 x 23 mm
Magnet Included
Battery life in record mode 300 Hours
Battery life in stand-by mode 150 Days
Date and time Yes
Technical Specifications
Power Output 5V, 3000 mAh
USB 2.0
Audio recording format Mp3
Voice Activating System Super voice activation system
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