Desktop digital call recorder DIGI1


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Desktop digital call recorder DIGI1

Desktop digital call recorder DIGI1


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Listen to every conversation using the power of your computer.

All of the DIGI1 recording connectivity solutions use intelligent recording's powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground breaking prices.


- Connects to the digital extension wiring at your desktop
- Is compatible with most major PBX types
- Easy Plug 'n' Play USB connection
- Superb fully digital sound quality
- Uses PBX digital information such as caller id (on most models)
- Records calls locally or across a network with XTR Desktop software (included)
- Multiple PCs can be networked and calls stored in a centralized location

Recording features:

- XtR Desktop comes as standard with Digital 01 and Universal Adapter
- After-call screen pop - manage archive in real time
- Automatic or manual recording
- GSM compression gives 170 hours recording per GB
- Time & date stamp on every recording
- Caller id and dialed digits detection (most systems -see compatibility chart)
- Recording level indicator
- Add comments/notes to assist searching
- Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording
- Highlight important calls.

XTR Desktop - Playback Features:

- Level indicator gives call activity
- Drag n' drop curser rapidly locates key points in conversation
- Pause & Continue manual controls
- Restrict user from stopping, pausing, deleting or exporting recordings
- Search & list calls by:
- Time & date
- Duration
- Caller ID or dialed digits
- Comments/notes made
- Importance
- Email recordings to colleagues (as .wav file or compressed file)
- One touch Convert to .wav.

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