Desktop digital call recorder 4 channels DIGI4


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Desktop digital call recorder 4 channels DIGI4

Desktop digital call recorder 4 channels DIGI4


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This recorder will log all the conversation separately. Listen to every conversation using the power of your computer.

All of the Xtension Recorder Digital recording connectivity solutions use intelligent recording's powerful 'PBX-2-USB' technology to deliver superb performance at ground breaking prices. The Xtension Recorder BackOffice Digital 04 device is a stackable 4 extension connector designed to be installed in your equipment room to monitor multiple extensions on one server.

DIGI4 provides a variety of settings and options to deliver the results you are looking for:

- Mix any combination of digital and analogue connections
- Caller ID and digits dialed recorded
- Audio balancing on per port basis
- Store calls anywhere on your network
- 'Ignore' short calls setting - eliminates very short recordings
- Archive management on a per channel basis
- Simple to set-up and change as needed.
- Connects to the digital extension wiring in the PBX switch room
- Superb entry level product with 4 extensions per unit
- Up to 3 units can be used on one PC (for larger requirements, use the Digital 16)
- Can be combined with Dig16 units, up to 48 ports per pc.
- Multiple PCs can be used to increase Capacity
- Is compatible with most major PBX types
- Easy Plug n' play USB connection
- Superb fully digital sound quality
- Uses PBX digital information such as Caller ID
- Complete with XTR BackOffice and Call Manager Supervisor to deliver high performance with a low price.

DIGI4 includes XtR call manager supervisor, a sophisticated supervisor search and playback application, which is part of the XtR professional range of digital call recording solutions from intelligent call recording.

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