Covert Fire Starter


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Covert Fire Starter

Covert Fire Starter


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The Covert Fire Starter is easily used and is very discrete.

The Covert Fire Starter is hidden in a wrist band. It has an integral ferrocerium rod that creates fire and also serves as a connector for the wristband. In order to start a fire, the rod needs to be scraped with a sharp edge. Then, it will automatically respond by sending out sparks to start a fire.

This product includes the following: 

  • The ferrocerium rod
  • A black wristband that can be cut down in order to fit any size
  • An emergency striker blade

The ferrocium rod's lenght is of 3/16" x approx. 1".

Physical Specifications
Dimensions Lenght of ferrocerium rod: 3/16" x approx. 1"
Weight 0.5 oz.
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