Surveillance and High Security

Computer Security

Computer Security

Technical security measures and policies are essential to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information and computer systems.


Spytronic Security Inc. can analyze the architecture of your computer systems and networks, providing you with practical, efficient solutions for the monitoring and control of your network. We can secure your systems and limit access both internally and externally, giving you complete network security. These measures work to prevent the installation of viruses, malwares, Trojan horses and sniffers, as well as to prevent the modification of software or network architectures.


Tn order to test the solidity of your current systems, Spytronic Security Inc. can effectuate multiple penetration and vulnerability tests. These tests will bring forth any possible security breaches and system weaknesses, allowing us to determine the necessary corrective measures.

There are three distinct methods for performing a VAPT:

Black Box Testing: Testing from an external network with no prior knowledge of the internal networks and systems.

White Box Testing: Performing the test from within the network with the knowledge of the network architecture and the systems. This method is also referred to as internal testing and provides a maximum of security.

Gray Box Testing: Testing from an internal or external network with knowledge of the internal networks and systems. This is usually a combination of black box testing and white box testing.

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Confidentiality Policy

Spytronic Security Inc. will never sell or distribute your information to a third party. We protect the interests of all of our clients. Any information collected by Spytronic Security Inc. is used solely for the purpose of evaluating the best solutions for the client’s needs.

We ensure that we will never sell or distribute any information regarded to our clientele to any third party.