Bullet proof and burglary resistance window


Surveillance and High Security

Bullet proof and burglary resistance window

Bullet proof and burglary resistance window


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$ 499.95 CAD

Turn your windows into a bullet proof anti-vandalism and anti-explosion armour.

You must have already a 1/2 in. window.

The prices vary according to dimensions.

Approximately 12$ each foot square.

Installation by professionals included with any purchase.

Call for an estimate (serious people only)

Capable of resisting bullets from such weapons : .38 caliber, 9mm FMJ and .357, but at no time does Spytronic or the manufacturer promote or lead clients that bulletproofing or break and enter proofing can be achieved solely with Spytronic or the manufacturer products.

The product has passed all tests and is extremely resistant.

Spytronic encourages potential customers to consider having a threat assessment performed by one of our trained professionals or a competent security consultant to evaluate your security needs.

You can make a deposit with your credit card right now or at our boutique.

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