ANDRE Professionnal Near-field RF Detection Receiver - Adanced Kit


Surveillance and High Security

ANDRE Professionnal Near-field RF Detection Receiver - Adanced Kit

ANDRE Professionnal Near-field RF Detection Receiver - Adanced Kit


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The new ANDRE advanced broadband receiver from REI is the perfect professionnal tool to detect RF transmissions from 10 kHz to 6 GHz.

It will detect illegal, known and unkown RF transmissions by detecting nearby ambient RF energy. - It is the perfect unit to protect yourself or your company from eavesdropping devices such as microphones, wireless cameras and live tracking devices. 

3.5' Touch Screen for quick setup and easy to read information.

The unit is lightweight and easily handheld. - It can operate for 5 hours with a fully charged battery.

The ANDRE frequency counter generates a list of the ambiant signals, starting from the strongest. - You can then tag them as threatening, friendly or unknown. 


  • ANDRE Receiver
  • Whip Antenna (30MHz-6GHz)
  • VLF Loop (10kHz-30MHz)
  • Locator Probe (20MHz-6GHz)
  • Concealed Antenna (750 MHz-6GHz)
  • Acoustic Leakage Detector (300Hx - 20kHz)
  • Audio Transformer (300Hz - 20kHz)
  • Carrier current probe (100kHz-60MHz)
  • Long Periodic Antenna (500MHz-6GHz)
  • Infrared/Visible light probe (built-in) (1kHz-70MHz)
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Hour Formation

*Basic package also available, with four probe attachments (Whip Antenna - VLF Loop - Carrier current probe - Infrared/Visible light Probe)

General Specifications
Time Run Time 5 hours
Battery 3400 mAh lithium (2 included)
Sensitivity 75 dBm for 3 GHz frequency - 85 dBm for probes providing frequency at 500 MHz
Display 3.5' (4 cm) capacitive touch screen
Audio Built-in speakers with adjustable volume control
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