4-channel CD phone recorder


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We are sorry, this product has been discontinued or replace for a newer model.

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4-channel CD phone recorder (Discontinued)

4-channel CD phone recorder


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$ 1,499.95 CAD

Provides 4 channels of audio recording, storage and archival transfer to CD media.

Includes the following components:

- 4 channel recording unit (desktop or rack-mount configuration)
- 18GB internal hard drive
- 52X CD/CDRW writer
- Cables and connectors necessary for self-installation and connection to four analog phone lines, radios, or handsets

This unit is a complete, easy to install 4 channel logging system. Up to 21 channel hours recording (typically 400 calls) can be recorded on each CD. The customer may self-install this unit and use any Windows PC for playback.

Easy to use - Cost effective
Anyone can use it. Calls are stored on an internal hard drive. Creating CDs is automatic-just press a button. Status is displayed at a glance.

Automatic CD Storage
A 52X burner copies makes CDs quickly. Eliminate the hassle of DAT and the expense of DVD. Choose permanent or erasable CDs.

Search, Play, Copy, Email
Playback in any PC. Find calls instantly. Just click on the time and date. Store hundreds of calls on rugged, indelible, CD-ROMs. Copy, email, encrypt, and transfer calls on any computer. No software is required.

True Live Monitoring
Use the built-in speaker and headphone jack to listen-in in real-time.

Simple Connection
No complicated network hookup is required. The universal input connects to phone lines, microphones, radios, and digital adapters.

Call Analysis Software
Search for calls quickly. Sort and print call lists. Find the caller's street address via the internet. The sophisticated Call Analysis Software is included for free!

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