4 cameras and GV-600 card for PC


Surveillance and High Security
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4 cameras and GV-600 card for PC (Discontinued)

4 cameras and GV-600 card for PC


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Complete set including 4 cameras and a Geovision GV-600 card to transform your PC in a recording system.

Imagine all what you can do on a PC based surveillance system !

Remote access to your system. You can even receive alerts on your cell phone whenever there is an undesired movement at a specific time.

You can configure your surveillance system according to your needs.

Included with this complete system:

4 x cameras SPT-CAM-001-A
4 x 50 feet cable with power SPT-ACC-002-16PC50
4 x power supply
1 x SPT-DVR-001-GV-600 Card
1 x Geovision Software

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