16-Channel Audio Phone recorder for PC


Surveillance and High Security
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16-Channel Audio Phone recorder for PC (Discontinued)

16-Channel Audio Phone recorder for PC


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$ 1,299.95 CAD

Cost-Effective, High-Performance USB Call Recorder. Ideal for call centers and financial services.

Record calls automatically on your network server. Thousands of calls can be stored on hard disk with crystal-clear quality.

Contact center can monitor calls for agent evaluation and training. Security professionals can keep transaction recordings on-line for immediate access. This unit delivers proven cost savings and productivity to hospitals, clinics and physicians.

The universal line interface allows connection to outside or inside phone lines, voice mail systems, telephone handsets, radios and remote microphones.

Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of calls can be made without degradation. Calls can be replayed instantly, even during recording. Powerful software is included so you can find calls quickly. Calls can be played on any Windows PC. Digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted and backed-up on any computer. Control playback privileges trough Windows with password security.

A single USB cord connects to your local workstation or a network file server. Saving files in a shared directory on a file server permits easy access for multiple users and easy backup of important recordings.

This easy-to-install solution offers performance superior to loggers costing thousands more.

- A universal line interface records automatically from outside or inside phone lines, voice mail systems, telephone handsets, radios and remote microphones.
- A quick USB plug-and-play connection links your Windows server to the logger
- Separate VU meters and level controls for each line give crystal-clear audio quality
- Automatic VOX operation separates each call, adding a time and date stamp for traceability
- Automatic disk space management saves your most important calls while conserving disk space
- Accessory kit includes all the cables and adapters needed for standard installation
- A full copy of Evidence Builder software is included. This gives you the same powerful searching and database capabilities used by the law enforcement nationwide. Locate recordings by time, date or geographic location to quickly find the calls you need. Reverse-index calls using caller-ID to locate the name and address of callers.


A customer provided dedicated 1GHz P3 or faster CPU with 512MB memory running Windows 2000 (or later) with a dedicated USB port is required. A fast hard drive is recommended. External USB hubs should not be used. The logger is USB 2.0.


Any standard analog audio source, such as handsets, outside POTS lines or radios is compatible.

This product is recommended for commercial applications.

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